Gainesville Firearms Training

Exercise Your Second Amendment Right

Nationally Recognized Firearms Training

Have you ever noticed the police rarely arrive while a crime is in progress? That’s because the average police response time is significantly longer than it takes an attacker to finish off the job.

There’s never been a better time to learn how to safely and effectively own and operate firearms. It’s time to take a stand and prepare to defend yourself.

CCW Class

Certified by the NRA

Since 1871, the National Rifle Association has provided firearm education and training. Our instructors are all vetted by the NRA to teach you to become confident in your ability to handle and operate firearms safely and effectively.

Quality Over Quantity

Don’t fall for the in-and-out “concealed weapon classes” taught at the gun show or pawn shop. These are literally the fast food joints of firearms training. Cheap and fast, but bad for you. Some don’t even teach you how to actually shoot!

Well Rounded Training

Our firearm classes include both classroom time, where you will learn about firearms, ammunition and shooting techniques; and live fire practicals, where you put the techniques and skills you learned to the test.

Always Carry, Never Tell

Our Classes Exceed the CCW Training Requirements